How To Take Care Of Munchkin Kittens

How To Take Care Of Munchkin Kittens

How To Take Care Of Munchkin Kittens

Munchkin kittens are cute short-legged kittens that love to play as well as run and jump around. taking care of these cuties is necessary and it starts from their cleanliness, feeding, and social care. Cleanliness is vital for kittens because naturally, cats are clean animals therefore cleaning kittens becomes necessary. In addition to grooming, cats like to sleep in comfortable areas.


Munchkin kittens require good meals and so you should feed them only with highly nutritional food so they can maintain good health. This together with good medical care and a good atmosphere constitute everything that is needed for good munchkin care. Here is a guide on how to effectively take care of your munchkin kittens.


Keeping Your Munchkin Kittens Clean

The number one thing that munchkin kittens need is grooming because they can’t do it effectively by themselves because of their short legs. Short-haired munchkins need to be brushed weekly while the long-haired munchkin kittens need to be brushed three to four times a week. Brushing kittens helps in the prevention of hairballs and matting on the kitten’s coat. Also, Grooming munchkin kittens is important because it helps familiarize themselves with water at an early age. When you groom your munchkin kittens often, get familiarize with your munchkin skin, Teeth, eyes, ears, and coat. With that familiarity, you can easily notice when there is anything out of the ordinary.


Munchkin kittens also require good hygiene right from their faces, teeth, and coat. Wash your kitten’s face with a pharmaceutical compress that’s soaked in eye lotion to remove dirt from their eyes and also from the fur in their faces. Use the same pharmaceutical compress to wash their nose ears and as you do it check for any discharge and call your vet in case of any.

How To Take Care Of Munchkin Kittens

Apart from washing their faces, oral hygiene is necessary for munchkin kittens. Since the kitten’s milk teeth start to appear between two to six weeks you need to introduce your kittens to aortal hygiene so their teeth can grow healthy. Munchkins need to maintain good oral hygiene because failure to that, your cats will be at the risk of tooth loss bad breath, and inflammation of gums.


General Munchkin Kitten Care

Since munchkins are playful, it’s important that you play with them often and also get them toys to play with. Kittens need their predatory play and exercise and so the need for toys. Also, get a scratch post so that your munchkin kitten can have a place to get a good scratch wherever the urge comes.


Feeding Your Munchkin Kittens.

Munchkin kittens need solid food when they are 8 weeks old. Canned food or kibble is good to introduce your munchkin kittens to solid food and they should be fed 4 times a day because growing kittens need thrice the calories adults needs and so the need for constant feeding. High-quality kitten formulation such as the BLUE life protection is the ideal kitten food for their nourishment. Hydration is important for kittens and so always remember to keep your kitty’s bowl full of fresh clean drinking water.


After you’ve done all that, always call your vet after every three months or when you notice anything unusual with your munchkin kitten.

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